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Reportex Agencies - The Perfect Combination of Legal and Medical Experience

Reportex Agencies is headed by Christy Pratt, a professional court reporter with over 17 years of experience. As everyone in the litigation field knows, the evidence of medical experts comes into play in virtually every personal injury supreme court action. Over the course of her career Christy has had the opportunity to transcribe the evidence of medical experts and has reviewed hundreds of medicolegal and independent medical examination reports. This dual experience - the combination of legal and medical - prompted Christy to expand Reportex's transcription services to include medicolegal transcription as well.

How the Combination of Legal and Medical Experience Benefits You

Christy's extensive court experience has allowed her to see firsthand the impact that a poorly written and poorly organized IME report (and, conversely, a comprehensively written and professionally organized report) can have on opposing counsel's efficacy during cross-examination, which is a critical factor in the judge or jury's determination of the credibility of the expert and the ultimate weight to be given to the expert's opinion.

Whether you're a doctor looking to improve the quality of your reports or a lawyer looking to ensure that the reports you receive from your experts are accepted by the court, we can help. Contact Christy to learn more about our services.